Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18, 1999

November 18 holds a very sad place in many Aggies hearts.

It was on this day that Bonfire fell at 2:42am and 12 Aggies lost their lives.

I was not on campus on 11.18.99 nor was I in College Station - I was at home in Lewisville; folding laundry at nearly 3:00am when I saw the news come on that Bonfire had fallen. I was a freshman at UNT - only a few months prior I had forgone my acceptance to A&M to stay home because I was not ready to leave home just yet.

Many of my now best friends were on campus that day and have recounted their stories to me many of times. From hearing the sirens in the dorms to running out on the polo fields and attending the candlelight vigil.

I remember distinctly trying to get ahold of a boy I had dated in high school. He was in the Corps at A&M and I knew there was a possibility of him being on stack that night. I wasn't sure when his outfit was going to be out there but I remember thinking "Oh my God he could be there."

I never saw a Bonfire burn but I know the special place it holds in my heart as an Aggie tradition and a legacy of the 'Ole Army Days.

I love Texas A&M and today I think about all the history, tradition, and wonderful times I had there. I also remember the 12 that lost their lives on stack that day and say a prayer for each and everyone of them and their families.

We Will Never Forget....