Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend...

What a weekend... So FUN!!!

Friday night I kept my precious Shelby while Nick coached and Paige attended the Garland H.S. homecoming. Shelby and I had so much fun playing and reading and eating and just spending time together!

Sweet girl fell asleep in my lap while reading her Pumpkin Halloween book.... I wasn't going to see her on Saturday so I put her costume on her Friday so I could take pictures... she is just about THE cutest kitty-kat you ever did see...don't you think???

*Don't mind her crazy hair - we had been playing hard!*

Her cute little black tutu and tail :)

Precious is the one word I can use to describe her.... Love her to pieces!!!

Saturday was packed with errands and cooking - and then C&K Halloween Fantasy Factory... so fun! Everyone was dressed up and we had a blast....

.... I was Tina Turner for 1/2 the night and Ciearra for the other 1/2... my costume wasn't very comfortable after a few beers (I mean red bull and vodkas) and one too many pizza rolls.... Ciearra's drawers were WAY to accessible so I helped myself to sweat pants and a hoodie...Thanks C!!!!
Coop Spiderman came over to Karen's to trick or treat....

Mario and Julie were the men and womens bathroom signs... HILARIOUS!!!

Octomom and Bob Lumberg - a.k.a. - Pat and Zoe

Roomie pic - me (Tina Turner), Tommy (old civil war guy) and Deuce...

Balloon Boy Karen and Me.... I mean Tina

We had so much fun.... hint for Thursday - pic of the week - involves Karen, the Kitchen and a possible dog pile..... Munch on that for a while.... :)