Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can I tell you how much I LOVE November...

Almost as much as I love DECEMBER!!!

I seriously love this time of year - the weather, the food, the holidays, EVERYTHING!! My goodness I get so excited!!!

This weekend is my 10 year reunion, the following weekend is C's bday weekend, then the Baylor/A&M Game with the Castleberry/Bland Clan, THEN THANKSGIVING!!!

This month is going to FLY by!!!! Before you know it will be my most favorite time.... decorating for Christmas :) whoo-hooooooo

I'm thinking about changing my Christmas theme this year - my tree is traditionally gold and white.... very sleek and pretty (and I only get REAL trees)

I'm thinking something different this year - I LOVE my grandmother's santa clause collection I have so I'm thinking about doing a red/green tree with Santa influence... but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE a peppermint tree.... Garden Ridge - watch out HERE I COME!!!