Monday, September 28, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never....

I took this off my friend Kristin's blog...

What is Always, Sometimes, and Never to you?

I always...
- Use too many ellipses while typing an email, writing a blog, etc...
- Give my nieces and nephews kisses and hugs no matter how old they get
- Go shopping for a new outfit before any event
- Remember to tell people I love them (you never know when that will be taken away)
- Thank God everyday
- Want chocolate...or ice cream... or any dessert really
- Try and remember that no matter how unmotivated I am a workout is good for me
- Find a way to matter the situation
- Have coffee Monday - Friday (and sometimes on Saturday and Sunday)
- Find the time and money for a mani/pedi
- Look for the brighter side

I Sometimes....

- Let my laundry pile up ... dirty, clean... either one
- Hold back emotion because I should be strong
- Skip the gym...even though I always know a workout is good :)
- Indulge in an appetizer, dinner, and dessert...
- Snort when I laugh
- Take vitamins
- Wonder what life would be like if one decision was different
- Daydream...
- Break the rules and wear flip flops to work (like today)
- Purposefully don't answer my phone...
- Wish I didn't have to work

I Never...
- Take life for granted
- Forget to tivo an important show (i.e. anything reality, grey's,)
- Eat sour cream, mushrooms, or olives
- Will stop loving thunder storms
- Will stop loving the color pink
- Put gas in my car when the light comes on... I always have a few more miles to go
- Want to stop learning
- Want to stop having firsts
- Want my friends or family to doubt that I love and appreciate them
- Water my yard....
- Wake up when my alarm goes off.... There is a snooze button for a reason

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I get hurt so you don't have too...part 3!

This sees to be a reoccurring theme on my blog.... remember HERE and HERE...

Last Sunday - Cayla, Tommy and I went to have a serious bike ride on the Trinity Trail. I hadn't been on my bike since my last tri the end of August (approx. 3 wks). We rode 22 miles from Ft. Worth to Benbrook and back (22 total).

It was a GREAT ride... we had a nice flat road to work some sprints, a few biatch of hills to work on strength, and subsequently super fun downhills (which are my fav.) all in all it was good ride.

About half way through the ride we stopped and saw the space shuttle being piggy- backed over an airplane... it flew right over us! It was so cool - it was flying from CA to FL and stopped in Ft. Worth at the base. It was amazing!! I had never seen a space shuttle before!!!!

Anyway - I digress....

With about 2 miles left in our ride we were on the home stretch. If you are not familiar the Trinity Trail is a little wider than a sidewalk...but wide enough to ride single file and have riders riding both ways. So we were riding single file.. Cay, Tommy, then me... when this group of riders (3) ... who i'm convinced thought they were "professional" ... were coming up on our left going the opposite direction of us.

The douche bag in the back of the pack, thought he would be cute and try to pass his friends but waited too long and for me to avoid hitting him head on I tried to ride the side of the trail. He missed his passing opportunity and hit me.... and knocked me off my bike. I fell straight flat dab on the concrete.... and yell a very loud explicative that starts with an "f" and rhymes with sucker....

I got up...pissed and now bleeding on my white handle bar tape..... and continued riding. Maybe 45 seconds passed and the douchey "professional" biker road up behind me and asked if I was ok. Here is our dialogue...

DoucheyBikerGuy: "Are you Ok"
Me: "yes"

DoucheyBikerGuy: "Are you sure; you have a strawberry on your arm?"
Me: "yes; I am fine"

DoucheyBikerGuy: "are you sure; you are bleeding"
Me: (in a majorly irritated tone) 'yes; if I wasn't I wouldn't be back on my bike"

DoucheyBikerGuy: "i'm sorry - I was just day dreaming out here... it's a nice day"
Me: "have a nice ride"

I quickly picked up my speed and got away from him because if I did not get away I was going to wrap my bike around his neck and throw him on the concrete.

I was so mad. Who "daydreams" while operating a moving vehicle!! I know it isn't a car or anything but someone could have been seriously hurt... what if I was a little kid??? There were plenty of little kids on the trail that day and he could have plowed over any one of them.

I was ticked... .and I still am to tell you the truth.

Anyway - here are some pictures I took tonight of my injuries.

The palm of my left hand is scraped and grossly bruised (you can't tell from the picture.. but it's green/yellowish now)

My left knee is scraped up... and I have a bruise on my hip.... I didn't take a picture of the hip bruise because honestly it's more on my arse and I don't want to plaster pics of my arse on the internet....

oh and my left elbow is all scraped up and has strawberries (or raspberries...which ever...)


Hand pic #2


Elbow #2


Monday, September 21, 2009

Dallas-Ft. Worth Brain Tumor Walk:

Dallas-Ft. Worth Brain Tumor Walk:

Shared via AddThis

NBTS Angel Adventure Walk

Happy Monday!

I'm so excited to announce that Juli Gage (Jess' sister) has started a team for the Angel Adventure walk in Ft. Worth on November 7.

This team is going to walk in memory of Jess' and also to help support those that are fighting brain tumors currently and remembering those who have bravely fought before us as well as celebrating with the survivors of this disease.

The walk will be held on November 7 at Trinity Park in Ft. Worth. What an amazing event last year this was supporting Jess and all of the other brave fighters, survivors, family members, friends and supporters!

Click this LINK to donate, join the team, and show your support!

Thank you for all your love and support!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another week down...

This week was good (but honestly looking forward to it being over). I was in Seattle for work Wed./Thurs. I love Seattle - I hope I can go back and visit for fun soon. It's such a great city.

I did sit next to a very interesting and functioning alcoholic on the plane on the way to SeaTac. She was downing crown and water like she hadn't had anything to drink in days...and boy did you smell it and experience it. She kept asking me to read her book, listen to her music, she asked 4 times where I was going and where I was from. She angrily told me I had that "white collar kind of work" she only had "blue collar kind of job". She worked for the airline I was flying and I have serious doubts about flying them again if she is the one working on the tarmac. Sylvia if you stumble across this and you remember sitting next to a blonde who you thoroughly annoyed.... maybe it's time for an intervention.

I should have taken a pic of her for the pic of the week.

Instead: here it is.....

My precious oldest niece Kaylee...

She is going to be NINE tomorrow!! I can't believe it.

Kaylee - Happy birthday my love - I love you more than you will ever know!!!!

I need to dedicate a post to Shelby..... wait and see....

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall TV makes me happy....

I have said numerous times to numerous people... I am addicted to TV.... reality, sitcoms, movies, HGTV, Food network, anything.... I simply love TV.

So this time of year not only does it make me happy to be entering into the Fall Season (even though we really don't have "seasons" in Texas)... I am super excited. This is my favorite season.... for multiple reasons...

* cooler weather - By this time of the year I am so damn tired of 100 degree days.... My tan has worn off b/c I'm no longer in the sun, taking vacation, or tanning at Palm Beach

*Better wardrobe... I love dressing in the fall... Saturdays and Sundays consist of my A&M jersey and my Romo jersey - which makes me really happy with a pair of ripped up skinny jeans (see them HERE). Not to mention winter/fall clothes are soooo much cuter than summer clothes... I will miss my cotton dresses that I live in during the summer but I'll throw a pair of leggings on and some cute boots and call it a day :)

*Football Season - enough said... laying around on a Saturday watching endless college football makes me happy. Not to mention I look forward to Lee Corso choosing the mascot head for his pick that week.....and then I love love love to watch my Cowboys on Sundays... you can't beat that :)

* Closer to Christmas and Thanksgiving - the holidays are my MOST favorite time of the year so by September I'm ready to eat turkey, ham and all the fixings :)

*and..... FALL TV - which makes me equally happy as football....

sooooo for the pic of the week this week..... here are some of the shows I will be rotting my brain away to over the next few months :)

Bros. and Sisters - one of the greatest shows on television....

Biggest Loser - my secret motivation for all things "gym" - except I do normally watch it with some type of dessert in hand... :(

My nerd show.... and I love that Sheldon (arguably one of my favorite characters) is from East Texas...

TV brilliance at it's best... if you don't watch this show you should... FX Thursday nights

An MTV favorite - along with the Hills (shown below) and Real World/Road Rules Challenges... even though now the challenges are just mainly RW b/c they don't even do RR anymore... I love Whitney Port... even though she makes questionable fashion choices (in my opinion)...she super hot and could wear a garbage bag and look good

An old Reality TV favorite of mine... going strong now for what seems like 100 seasons. I love me some Jeff Probst and this is the one reality show I have NO desire to be on. I know I couldn't hack it and don't want to pretend I could. However, I wouldn't mind having the Survivor diet and coming home super skinny....

A Thursday favorite as well.... Love me some Addison Montgomery Shepard...

Another great sitcom that you should watch.... Barney Stinson (Doogie) is the best character on this show and will make you laugh until you cry

Grey's...need I say more?

I only order Showtime when Dexter is on.... it's that good that I'll budget in $24.99 for one TV show... I can't wait till the end of the season and buy it on I-tunes... I have to know what is happening when it's happening... but it does creep me out that Dex married his sister on the show in real life... I just can't get it out of my head... DUDE it's your SISTER

The Hills.... an endulgence I am not ready to give that LC is gone.. Kristin is going to bring the drama and I can't wait :)

I am sad to see Big Brother end next week.... I could go on and on about that show (and probably dedicate a kick a$$ blog to BB12 next year)...this however is one reality TV show I know I could win... and should totally try out next year.

Other shows on my tivo: Amazing Race (another one I think I could do exceptionally well at), Desperate Housewives, Accidentally on Purpose - new this year, The Good Wife (new as well), Law and Order SVU, America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, and the Rachel Zoe Project.

I hope you enjoy your fall tv as much as me.... :)

Happy Thursday!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My life in pictures would be much better than words...

I've decided that I should start taking more pictures rather than stealing all the lovely pictures my friends take. I think my life would be better described that way...

To do this would involve two things:

#1 A camera - which I need to purchase... if you remember, I think I posted somewhere about my inability to hold a camera correctly after a night of drinking. At Kristin's bach. party I dropped it and broke it....oopsie

#2 The mind to remember to bring said camera on trips, outings, etc.

I also should probably throw in a 3rd thing and say a camera case.... maybe this would aid in helping not break every camera I've owned.

Anyway - I digress....

I had a lovely weekend in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It was fabulous ....

I was wishing today I had a camera for a few reasons... which gave me the hankering for the title of this post...

I was wishing I had taken pictures of my super awesome packing job. Normally a 5 day trip would surely involve me checking a bag; but I fit all my stuff in a carry on size bag. That is right... a carry on....

My Hawaii trip including a rather large suitcase...fully equipped with 49 pounds of endless "necessities"... everything from 6 bathing a hair straightener...5 pairs of flip flops, running shoes, 15 (i think) dresses, etc... you get the picture. I was supremely made fun of for my lack of efficient packing skills. *on a side note * Della and i went to NYC for Spring Break our senior year in college and I packed everything... including, hooker boots, jeans, sweatshirts, and a jacket in a carry on. So somewhere between college and now I have lost my inherent ability to be a compact packer. Maybe I am on the upswing with this last packing job....

My suitcase for my Baton Rouge weekend included .. I'm recalling from memory (see it would be better with a picture) 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of sear-sucker pants, 1 pair of loungy pants, 5 dresses (and then I purchased two more while I was there ... so 5 on the way there... 7 on the way back), 2 pairs of flip flops, 1 pair of running shoes, a pair of wedges, 3 sets of work out clothes, 2 sets of PJ's, a few tshirts, a few cute tops to go with jeans, socks, undies, bras, hair straightener, hair dryer, clutch purse, jewelry, toothbrush, bathroom necessities (all packed in a zip loc for security), and 2 cami's. ... see i did good :)

You should have seen how tightly rolled and meticulously placed these items looked like I had a serious case of OCD..but it all got there and back and didn't cost me $50 to check :)

When I got home I had my new pair of shoes from ShoeDazzle waiting for me. ShoeDazzle is my shoe of the month club (the best invention ever)... i should dedicate a blog to the wonderfulness that is ShoeDazzle :) As I was talking to Erinn today she said...oooo send me a picture (b/c of course I'm wearing them today)... good idea E..except no camera .... I guess I have one on my phone but's never the same quality.

My shoes are fabulous by the way....

Anyways - I know this is a bit of a random post but seriously life is much better told through pictures than words!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whoo hooo It's Friday :)

Not too much to update this week: just a normal run of the mill week.... I'm in Baton Rouge today... I came in last night and had a lovely welcoming! It's great to be here (finally) :)

Sorry for no pic of the week this week... I just couldn't find anything that "struck" me....

But hopefully I'll have some good ones for next week after my trip here in Baton Rouge...

I hope you all have a wonderful and SAFE holiday weekend.... I'm off to shop and celebrate a special person's bday...oh and that pesky little thing called work... I have to do that least for a little bit today!!

Have a great weekend!