Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010? When did 2010 get here?

So - I realized today that I get really frustrated when people don't update their blogs but I've become THE WORST BLOG UPDATER EVER!!!

It's been over a month!!!! (Not that I get that many hits anyway - but still)

December 2009 -

December 2 - surgery day on my shoulder. I was initially diagnosed with a torn labrum (see here) but when the dr. cut me open and took a look I ended up having a labral tear, a rotator cuff tear, decompression, and bone spurs. So needless to say more was going on in there than we thought.

The surgery lasted 2.5 hours and I was completely knocked out. It was arthroscopic which was great considering all the new stuff that was discovered. I was terrified that they would have to completely cut my arm open - but thank GOD that didn't happen!

I remember everything up to laying down on the OR table. I remember my anesthesiologist adjusting me on the table and putting on the mask - after that I woke up a few hours later with a huge dressing and sling, a nerve block (which was AWESOME) , and a scratchy throat from the tube they put down my throat.

My post-op nurse said that I was the calmest patient she's had waking up from anesthesia. Apparently people get real pissed off when they wake up - but I was calm and smiling (go figure).

So Mom was there to take me home and nurse me back to health. I was great surgery day. The nerve block stayed on for around 24 hours so I felt nothing until til Day 2 late afternoon!

I did get a little nauseous when I tried to stand up to fast at the surgery center but they gave me some nausea medicine and some pain medicine and I was good.

I took my pain pills through the first week. Monday of the following week was the last time I took any. (I was VERY proud of myself...maybe I have higher pain tolerance than I thought)

My post-op visit with the dr. on December 8 went well. I had my stitches removed and he told me to start some stretches in the shower. (That hurt like a bitch)

I went back on Dec. 29 for my three week follow up after my stitches were removed and I was able to get out of my sling completely! YAY!!!!! and start PT (YAY and OUCH!).

I started PT on Dec. 31. It wasn't as bad as I thought.....

I was back in the gym three weeks after my surgery day - to the date. No running because of the jarring (and I was still in the sling) but I did the EFX and the stair climber... plus some lunges. It felt so good to be back!!!

The 26th I was back on my bike(on my trainer of course, that I had gotten for Christmas)... I rode for a while but realized it was REALLY hard to keep my balance on my bike with a sling.. even stationary.

I've ridden a few times on my trainer but not too terribly hard, not pushing it because it still hurts to extend my shoulder to riding position. I can ride fine sitting up with my hands on my hips (if you can picture that) but that's not very intense.

I started running again last week. Man - have I lost endurance. A 5K about killed me... I remember the days last spring when that was a warm up :)

I started swimming yesterday - not easy and not freestyle. Definitely a 1/2 breaststroke. I say 1/2 because it is still hard to fully extend. I kinda looked like I was drowning I bet. People were probably laughing. Oh well.... I have scars so suck it.

After my swim I did cardio for an hour - I was at the gym 2 hours yesterday - man that felt good! It helps they opened a brand new gym that I LOVE!! all brand new equipment, mini screens on the cardio equipment, etc... it's just NICE - plus towel service which is a HUGE PLUS to me b/c I always forget towels...sigh

So I'm getting back in the swing of things... faster than I thought. At one point it was sixteen weeks before I could even THINK about swimming and now I'm doing it 5 weeks post op. YAY!!! Still no weight lifting... but that's ok - this gives me time to focus on my endurance and cardio.

December was busy trying to recoup and get back in the swing of the things. I took the week between Christmas an New Year's off (which was glorious!!). Sarah was here for that week and it was GREAT to spend time with her.

January so far has been all about catching up on work.... taking a week off at the holidays I thought wouldn't be so bad but clearly people still work (not as much..but still). I had emails piling up and my to do list was up to nearly 100 items. I've worked it down to 45 in 4 days. Not too shabby :)

Other than that things are same 'ole same 'ole.....

I'm ready for Girls weekend in march.... but then again I'm always ready for vacation!!!!!!!

My new year's resolution -

update my blog more...but that would mean I would have to have an exciting life so I have something to write

NYR #2 - get a life :)