Sunday, October 4, 2009

Six Months?

Six months is a relatively short amount of time; but can crawl by like six years sometimes. Six months is 1/2 of a year, 25 weeks, on average 181 days, 4,344 hours, 260,640 minutes, 15,638,400 seconds.... doesn't seem like much when you break it down....

I started thinking today about the last six months and what I have accomplished, been through, learned, etc... begins my OCD bulleted list :)

* Competed in my first triathlon
* Since have competed and completed 4
*April, July, August and October (recap coming soon)

* Lost and kept off 25 pounds

*Experienced a pain unlike any other in the loss of my best friend - made it through it but still feel the pain everyday

*Seen one of my dearest friends get married...

*was involved in two car accidents in 28 days... sorry again Erinn :)

* went to Hawaii on an amazing vacation (Thanks Castleberry/Bland clan)

*Raised nearly $1,000 for cancer research between the LiveStrong foundation and the National Brain Tumor Society

* Learned that every experiences matters. You never know when they will be taken away. It is these experiences, no matter how painful, sucky, etc, that make us who we are and shape us into the human being we are.

*Learned that my nieces and nephew grow up too fast... Kaylee turned 9 and started 3rd grade, Shelby turned 1, Cooper turned 3 (outside of the six month mark)....

* Crashed my bike a few times.... but through those provided many laughs for my friends and hey that's what life is about laughing!!!

*logged more airline miles in six months than i ever thought possible....

I'm sure many many more things have happened in the last six months... but these just popped into my head... what does six months mean to you? what have you done? or what will you do?