Thursday, August 13, 2009


All I can say is "WOW" and "THANK YOU CASTLEBERRY'S :)"

Hawaii was amazing! We had an awesome trip! Would you like a re-cap.... ahhh why not :) We can start on Monday, August 3...

Monday night - Cayla came over and stayed with me since we had an early flight on Tuesday morning. We were going to drive to the airport and drop the rental that I had from my wreck and then head to the gate for our flight. I packed and Karen came over for a visit..... we ended up at the bar. OOPS :) We went to Scooters (an ole fav...but now kind of scary on a Monday night) then to Fox and Hound for some frosty beverages to start off our vacay!!! We got home and crashed...and set the alarm for 6am :( ick...not fun after you've been drinking...but ok b/c it marked vacation starting!

Tuesday - 7:30ish am.... arrive at the terminal to check in.... my bag weighed 49 pounds...enough said. You could ask "Allison, how did your bag weigh 49 pounds when you are going to a destination that could possibly require the least amount of close short of being naked..." My answer... "I'm a SERIOUS overpacker"

Tuesday - 8:30am - flight departs for Phoenix
Tuesday - 10:45ish - arrive in Phoenix
Tuesday - noon ish - depart for Kuai

arrive in Kuai - depart for Honolulu - arrive in Honolulu - depart for Kona - arrive in Kona (9:15is pm Hawaii time; 2:15AM Texas time) Total Travel Time = 18 hours....YUCK!!!

While we were in Hawaii we relaxed on the beach, hiked a volcano, snorkeled at one of the top 20 reefs in the world, played at the pool, went to a luau, toured a vanilla farm, visited waterfalls, cooked out excellent fresh fish right off the boat, met some new friends from California, Ohio, and Hawaii, ate alot, drank alot, and relaxed ALOT!!!

It was an amazing trip :) Cayla has posted all of our pics on FB... but here's a sneak preview until I can go steal her's off FB and post here....

Here's a few....

On the plane to our last stop - Kona :)

On the tarmac in Kona - you get off here and used to this is where you would get "leid" due to the cost of Lei's they no longer do that unless you pay for it

Night one - Luau (me and Cay)

Luau night - Me, Cay, Chesney, and Katie....

Mai Tai's - the best drink EVER

The Hawaiian Vanilla Company - who knew Vanilla comes from Orchids!!!

Me and Cay - Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls


ErinB said...

OOOOOOOOOH! YAY! Love the post, now I can't wait to hear more about it soon.

Kier's Serendipity said... jealous.