Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I know I know...

You are saying to yourself "Allison...where have you been!!!" j/k j/k

I have been here...just super busy :)

Last weekend marked completion of Tri #3.... I was not looking forward to this one AT ALL!!! In fact, I pretended to hurt myself on Saturday but it didn't work....

Let me explain why I pretended to hurt myself.... the bike course. I drove the course on Saturday afternoon... it was 14 miles of rolling hills. Good thing I had Dolce b/c I never could have come close to finishing that course on the old bike. I might have finished eventually but there would have been NO way I could have walked the next day.

I normally do all these fancy schmancy write ups after my tri's but I'm not feeling it this time. So I'll give you the basics... 300meter pool swim (loved it.... hate open water), 14 mile bitch of a bike (loved it...and hated it all at the same time), 3 mile run (hated it...b/c i hate running supremely)

This was Newbie's first tri, my 3rd and Cay's 4th.... It was an awesome experience again (as it always is after the fact) and I'm so proud every time I finish one of these it makes me not ever want to stop :)

Until Tomorrow.... it's pic of the week day you know!!!


Ciearra Vinson said...

Um yeah the comment about the old bike...Not encouraging being that I am riding it in a freaking 20 mile race in Austin no less...HA HA I'm going to kick my own ass...

ErinB said...


Miss you tons!! :-)