Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tri #4 - the sunday monsoon...

Last Sunday was my 4th tri since April - During these last six months I have experienced a tri in the freaking cold, a little rain, a beautiful day .... and Sunday was a monsoon!!!

The race was set to start to 8am (late for a tri start time) transition opened at 6:00am... we arrived at 6ish... already soaking wet from loading our bikes and such...

Needless to say - I was not a happy camper... rain is great when you can lay around in sweatpants all day, watch tv, doze in and out of consciousness while watching movies...however; it is NOT optimal weather to be swimming, biking, and running.

During the pre-race meeting we were told that the bike course was cut short by 7.8 miles due to high water on the low crossings....about 3 1/2 feet of water stood stagnant at one of the crossings...and I'm pretty sure you utilize a bike and not a kayak during tri's :)

So the bike course was 6 miles instead of 13.8.... bummer....

Other than that things went realtively well... swim was good... I had a 6:30 swim time which was way better than what I had been averaging in the pool when I went to swim... I averaged 19mph on the bike (which I was ok with considering the conditions)...and the run was WAY better this time than my last tri (which I sucked).... all and all it was a great race for me.

The rain held off until the beginning of my run when the skies opened and buckets of rain fell on my lovely body as I pounded the pavement. Then it stopped... which was great... except I was carrying pounds of water weight during the rain... hey whatever... beggars can't be choosers!

We took no pictures (it was a monsoon people) so I have no pictures to prove the craziness that was this triathlon.

I did however BUY A CAMERA!!! (not that I had it during the race - clearly!)... So now I can post my very own pictures rather than stealing them. I bought this before my trip to California so go ME!!!!!

No pic of the week this week... I can't find anything good..... check back!