Monday, October 19, 2009

Three posts packed into one....

Pic of the week, Weekend Re-Cap, "Not Me" Monday....

We will start with "NOT ME!" Monday - a forum by which to admit your dirty little secrets... inspired by Erin B and MckMama...

This last week was a whirlwind for me, physically (fighting allergies and onset of flu like symptoms), emotionally (this will remain unsaid), schedule wise... too much to do. So it was not me who said "F" it and hopped on a plane to Houston to escape...and visit with friends and celebrate a wonderful woman's (and second mom) birthday at a surprise birthday party.

It was not me who, at this said birthday party, enjoyed watching a shirtless gentleman jump out of a cardboard cake that Kristin and I constructed from scratch. (description below)

It was not me who stayed a day and a half longer in H-town just because I wasn't ready to come home... and it certainly wasn't me who didn't do half of what I should have done today regarding work initiatives.

It certainly is not me who sits here on the couch and updates her blog and catches up on tv rather than clean and do laundry as she should...

*Not too exciting Not Me's today --- but stay tuned*

Weekend Recap:

As you can tell from above; I was in Houston this weekend. I hopped on the plane Saturday morning and headed south to celebrate Mama Lu's bday. Kristin and Nick had lovingly put together a wonderful surprise bday party for Lu and I was very happy when I was able to make it for her party. I headed out at 8am Saturday and made it to H-town with no problems... Kristin, Nick and I ran errands and got the last minute necessities for the party and then Kristin and I went to work on the cake.

Kristin had this brilliant idea to have a friend of theirs jump out of a cake to surprise her mom at the party; he agreed; but the problem was no one had a pop out cake (go figure). Luckily enough, K&N had enough cardboard to build a shelter out of so we went to work. We constructed the below cake out of cardboard, duct tape, staples, and scotch tape... excellent!

I forgot to mention it took a saw as well

The base of the cake...

Testing the "Popping Out" effect...

The first layer Iced....aka... tablecloth

The second layer iced....

FINISHED...complete with streamers :)


Cayla and I at U2 - we had so much fun after a major ticket debacle was corrected.

Long story; but the short of it is that we were given counterfeit tickets (unbeknownest to the purchaser) and were kicked out of our seats. We eventually got the issue settled and was able to enjoy the show :) But not after a very irritated Allison and Cayla let them have a piece of our minds :)

I hope you have a wonderful week! I found my camera cord (as you can see) and I will be sure to post a Pic of the week on Thursday -

This weekend is the LiveStrong Challenge :) I am very excited!