Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday = Equipment Failure Day

Well... I think it's official... I have copped to believing the old adage of "When it Rains it Pours"....

I always try to look on the bright side of things... find the silver lining in the gray cloud... look at the glass half full instead of half empty... but yesterday I wanted to kick all those happy thoughts in the face...

It was Sunday which meant two things 1) Cayla and Allison's super weekend workout and 2) BUNCO!!!! I was so excited to get up yesterday and spend the day in Ft. Worth with my equally workout obsessed bff.... I packed all my stuff for a great workout and a great night of Bunco with the girls.

As I was over half way to Ft. Worth I had a minor freak out... I had left my heart rate monitor strap at home (or so I thought... I later found it shoved in the bottom of my gym bag). Without my strap I couldn't track my heart rate or most important my calories... which is truly what I work out for... to see the number at the end of each workout and then the following Monday to get my trophy ( I LOVE TROPHY MONDAYS). So I was like crap.. this sucks... but half the time my heart rate monitor straps transmits to my watch that I am dead anyway (constant 0 heart rate) so I was like whatever ... I'll run my watch for workout time only... then I found it like I said crammed in the bottom of my bag so I was happy...

I get to Cayla's and we suit up (in our super cool bike shorts previously mentioned HERE) and head out for a 6 mile ride around her neighborhood. Probably over 3 miles of the 6 miles we rode were uphill... suck....

We were about 1/2 done with our last 3 mile loop and I had been coasting pretty good downhill in my highest gear when I went to shift to a lower gear to start climbing a hill.... and I hear a "POP". I hopped off my bike and realized that the gear line had snapped and there was no way I was going to be able to shift. So I rode the last 1.5miles UPHILL in my highest gear... and it sucked... big time.

So... equipment failure #1 - broken bike

After our bike ride we dropped the bikes and ran the same 3 mile loop around her neighborhood... mostly uphill again.. half the time we were running my heart rate monitor said my heart rate was at like 300... totally inaccurate... good for my caloric output (not accurate) but soooo wrong... it also read a few times that I was flat lined... ZERO

Equipment failure #2 - Heart Rate Monitor Strap...

After we ran... and kicked a&$ btw.... we headed to the gym for a swim and some weights. Everything went according to plan in the weight room... no major mishaps but the pool is a different story.

Now my initial fear about this triathlon was swimming.... remember my plan HERE... I have since subsided this fear with massive amounts of time in the water. I finally was able to swim the entire length of the tri distance freestyle which was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I still think that "fun" swimming is sitting in the lake with a life vest on such that it resembles a diaper and a beer in hand... but "work out" swimming has become a particular fun activity for me. Until Sunday.... Cayla and I hit the pool for the last portion of our SUPER SUNDAY WORKOUT... we were going to do a quick 30 minute swim because we were now on a time crunch for Bunco and still had to fight Central Market ...

We warmed up with a few laps... then moved on to two different swimmers drills that will help decrease lap time and increase the appropriate way to swim (i.e. give you better form and maximize your output underwater). I was one lap away from finishing the drills and about to start our 300m swim when I came out of the water for a breath and realized I couldn't see. I had been blinded by the water that filled up my goggles because the rubber suction-ey things had separated from the plastic goggle part.... AWESOME... I couldn't see and my eyes were burning.

I tried to swim a lap without goggles and realized quickly that that wasn't going to happen ... I swam smack dab into the lane divider.... I'm sure the life guard got a good laugh....

Equipment failure #3... broken goggles

So it was a good workout... I feel great today.

On another note... I ran 5 miles on Saturday for the first time in my life and DIDN'T stop not one time!! I was so proud of myself!!!

I have also started taking a crap-load of vitamins.... I need a geriatric pill box to accommodate. Here's a brief run-down:

One-a-day multi-vitamin (women's formula) - 1 x/day
Omega 3/Fish Oil (for joint health) - 1 pill 3x/day
Glucosamine Sulfate (for joint health) - 1 pill 3x/day
Potassium/Magnesium (for my sucky charlie horses) - 1 pill 1x/day
Calcium (for strong bones... I don't want osteoporosis) 1 pill 1x/day
Vitamin D (for calcium absorption) 1 pill 1x/day

Seriously.... it's crazy...

Well old lady Allison is off to finish taking her vitamins for the day and finish working so she can work out and do it all over again tomorrow!!!

I'll keep you posted :)

19 days to go!!!!!