Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ok ... I know many of you who read this blog are going to think that I am certifiably NUTZO after you read this post... however, I am ok with that.

A few years ago my two dear friends, Kristin and Nick, explained to me the theory of the "Animal Uprising of 2012". It is a theory that in 2012 our precious domesticated and non domesticated animals are going to turn on us.

This may sound like a bad zombie movie but it's actually kind of interesting as well addictive. Now that they have roped me into this theory I can't help but scour the news sites for incidents and evidence that AU2012 is upon us.

For example, in January birds flew into the engine of the plane that went down in the Hudson. This could be a precursor to what we should expect in 2012...

Just for another though provoking 2012 moment.. the gorilla that attacked it's owner's friend a few weeks ago... basically mauling her to an almost death.

Everywhere you turn AU2012 is on the rise... and to officially note this in the cyber world... we have started a blog...

Feel free to submit your own stories... I know you are wanting to throw me in a loony bin right now but I'm serious people... just look around you and watch for the stories of animals attacking... they are everywhere!!!!

If for no other reason it is humorous AND totally distracting from anything that you should be doing at work :)



ErinB said...

Allison you are a nut...this is so silly!