Monday, April 13, 2009

5 days before my first triathlon...

and I'm fighting double pink eye....

REALLY???? It's getting better.. but it still sucks. I noticed mid-week last week I felt like I was getting sick so held off from working out and slept ALOT ... like on Sunday I slept for nearly 12 hours and then took an hour nap at my moms on Easter.

Anyways - Friday night after a lovely dinner with Cayla, Hunter, Kristin and Nick.. I noticed my eyes were bloodshot.. by Saturday morning I had to pry them open with a cro-bar... not really but I might as well have. I woke up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday to go to a tri-clinic over transitions... after that Cayla and I were going to work out but instead she promptly drove me to CareNow to see a Dr. They tested me for strep too.... luckily that came back negative. But pink eye was confirmed in both eyes. Along with some serious allergy issues for which I was prescribed a 30 day supply of allergy medicine that comes in the largest box known to man.

I hit the gym today, totally disregarding the advice of Erinn, Tony and Michael, but it made me feel good... and I feel better tonight.

I can't believe I'm 5 days out from this triathlon. I'm starting to getting nervous... and it's Monday. I can't believe what I will be like on Saturday...oh help me.

The transition was clinic was helpful... although some of the "transition moves" were way more advanced it was really helpful until this smart a$$ guy in the crowd starts talking about when his friend does tri's she suffers from vertigo. Seriously... then the teacher was like "Oh yea... you can get dizzy, sick from the water, vertigo is common, blah blah blah..." That sent my nerves HAYWIRE... Cayla and I looked at each other and about threw up.

So - this week it's no equipment failure... it's eye and breathing failure... say a few prayers that I heal up before Sunday!!!


Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Haha - when you stand up when you are getting out of the water, you can feel a little light headed, but it's more of a "headrush" type situation, not a vertigo thing. I wouldn't stress about that too much. They will have people at the swim exit to help you stand up and get pointed in the right direction. And as for the rest of the "speedy transition" stuff...don't worry about it too much. Just set up your area and practice it a couple of times - you're gonna be fine. I promise!! I can't wait! I hope your pink eye clears up!! Get well soon - 3 days and counting!!