Sunday, December 14, 2008

1 week down... 18 to go...

I finished my first real week of "Operation Triathlon". It went well... I have increased my biking to about 6 miles (give or take dependent on time) each work out and 1.5 mile run. I should be good in no time.. haha j/k!

By far swimming is going to be most difficult.. I think I said this in the earlier post... but seriously I swam for the first time this week in a real lap pool at the gym and about died.... so close to death in fact my heart rate monitor stopped... which instantly made me panic and say (in my head... b/c if I said this out loud then I really would be crazy)... "OH MY GOD I THINK MY HEART STOPPED!" Seriously I said this and then realized it was just because it doesn't work in the water...

I was pumped when I saw the pool and thought 50m ain't bad... until I went to confirm the distance with the guy at the gym and he said "no ma'am our pool is 25m" - DANG I thought I had swam 200m and I really only swam 100m!

Seriously though - I may have to switch up strokes in the middle of the lake - yes I am swimming in a lake on tri day - does doggie paddle count as a stroke? Or if I start drowning and they rescue me do I automatically get to continue on the bike portion b/c I might have a chance at winning if this is the case.... Here's my plan:

Hop into the water - swim for about 45 seconds "play drowned" get whisked off by the med team - get a quick once over - they see I'm ok and I hop on my bike... maybe my sights aren't set on first place with this plan but a solid top 10! haha j/k

I'm also really excited not only b/c I completed one week of tri training but I have a big week coming up this week! I have 3 interviews! YEA GO ME! I hope one pans out - because I seriously need a job.... I have surfed the internet, watched tv and done laundry as much as 1 person can...

In addition to my 3 interviews I leave on Friday for my friend Laura's wedding in South Carolina! I'm so excited to see her and so honored to be a part of her wedding... standing beside her on her wedding day is going to be a blessing! Laura and I were roommates in college and had some pretty fun times (and lived to tell about them)... we also probably didn't always make the best decisions... but we learned from them and had a dang good time along the way.

She is going to be a beautiful bride and I'll post pictures upon my return ... I know you will all be on the edge of your seats for that!

If I don't get around to blogging before Christmas I hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday season. I hope you all get to spend time with your families and the people you love most. And as you get whisked up in the wonders of the holiday always remember what we are celebrating and why we celebrate!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Hahahaha - unfortunately, this plan won't work. You are allowed to hang on the rescue boats for as long as you want, but they can't help you make forward progress...otherwise you get a DQ. Siiigh. However - there are lots of really really really small races where you have a chance to place - I've never done it, but it's my goal for 2009. Find the smallest race possible and win my age group. Haha.