Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I get hurt so you don't have too...part 3!

This sees to be a reoccurring theme on my blog.... remember HERE and HERE...

Last Sunday - Cayla, Tommy and I went to have a serious bike ride on the Trinity Trail. I hadn't been on my bike since my last tri the end of August (approx. 3 wks). We rode 22 miles from Ft. Worth to Benbrook and back (22 total).

It was a GREAT ride... we had a nice flat road to work some sprints, a few biatch of hills to work on strength, and subsequently super fun downhills (which are my fav.) all in all it was good ride.

About half way through the ride we stopped and saw the space shuttle being piggy- backed over an airplane... it flew right over us! It was so cool - it was flying from CA to FL and stopped in Ft. Worth at the base. It was amazing!! I had never seen a space shuttle before!!!!

Anyway - I digress....

With about 2 miles left in our ride we were on the home stretch. If you are not familiar the Trinity Trail is a little wider than a sidewalk...but wide enough to ride single file and have riders riding both ways. So we were riding single file.. Cay, Tommy, then me... when this group of riders (3) ... who i'm convinced thought they were "professional" ... were coming up on our left going the opposite direction of us.

The douche bag in the back of the pack, thought he would be cute and try to pass his friends but waited too long and for me to avoid hitting him head on I tried to ride the side of the trail. He missed his passing opportunity and hit me.... and knocked me off my bike. I fell straight flat dab on the concrete.... and yell a very loud explicative that starts with an "f" and rhymes with sucker....

I got up...pissed and now bleeding on my white handle bar tape..... and continued riding. Maybe 45 seconds passed and the douchey "professional" biker road up behind me and asked if I was ok. Here is our dialogue...

DoucheyBikerGuy: "Are you Ok"
Me: "yes"

DoucheyBikerGuy: "Are you sure; you have a strawberry on your arm?"
Me: "yes; I am fine"

DoucheyBikerGuy: "are you sure; you are bleeding"
Me: (in a majorly irritated tone) 'yes; if I wasn't I wouldn't be back on my bike"

DoucheyBikerGuy: "i'm sorry - I was just day dreaming out here... it's a nice day"
Me: "have a nice ride"

I quickly picked up my speed and got away from him because if I did not get away I was going to wrap my bike around his neck and throw him on the concrete.

I was so mad. Who "daydreams" while operating a moving vehicle!! I know it isn't a car or anything but someone could have been seriously hurt... what if I was a little kid??? There were plenty of little kids on the trail that day and he could have plowed over any one of them.

I was ticked... .and I still am to tell you the truth.

Anyway - here are some pictures I took tonight of my injuries.

The palm of my left hand is scraped and grossly bruised (you can't tell from the picture.. but it's green/yellowish now)

My left knee is scraped up... and I have a bruise on my hip.... I didn't take a picture of the hip bruise because honestly it's more on my arse and I don't want to plaster pics of my arse on the internet....

oh and my left elbow is all scraped up and has strawberries (or raspberries...which ever...)


Hand pic #2


Elbow #2