Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall TV makes me happy....

I have said numerous times to numerous people... I am addicted to TV.... reality, sitcoms, movies, HGTV, Food network, anything.... I simply love TV.

So this time of year not only does it make me happy to be entering into the Fall Season (even though we really don't have "seasons" in Texas)... I am super excited. This is my favorite season.... for multiple reasons...

* cooler weather - By this time of the year I am so damn tired of 100 degree days.... My tan has worn off b/c I'm no longer in the sun, taking vacation, or tanning at Palm Beach

*Better wardrobe... I love dressing in the fall... Saturdays and Sundays consist of my A&M jersey and my Romo jersey - which makes me really happy with a pair of ripped up skinny jeans (see them HERE). Not to mention winter/fall clothes are soooo much cuter than summer clothes... I will miss my cotton dresses that I live in during the summer but I'll throw a pair of leggings on and some cute boots and call it a day :)

*Football Season - enough said... laying around on a Saturday watching endless college football makes me happy. Not to mention I look forward to Lee Corso choosing the mascot head for his pick that week.....and then I love love love to watch my Cowboys on Sundays... you can't beat that :)

* Closer to Christmas and Thanksgiving - the holidays are my MOST favorite time of the year so by September I'm ready to eat turkey, ham and all the fixings :)

*and..... FALL TV - which makes me equally happy as football....

sooooo for the pic of the week this week..... here are some of the shows I will be rotting my brain away to over the next few months :)

Bros. and Sisters - one of the greatest shows on television....

Biggest Loser - my secret motivation for all things "gym" - except I do normally watch it with some type of dessert in hand... :(

My nerd show.... and I love that Sheldon (arguably one of my favorite characters) is from East Texas...

TV brilliance at it's best... if you don't watch this show you should... FX Thursday nights

An MTV favorite - along with the Hills (shown below) and Real World/Road Rules Challenges... even though now the challenges are just mainly RW b/c they don't even do RR anymore... I love Whitney Port... even though she makes questionable fashion choices (in my opinion)...she super hot and could wear a garbage bag and look good

An old Reality TV favorite of mine... going strong now for what seems like 100 seasons. I love me some Jeff Probst and this is the one reality show I have NO desire to be on. I know I couldn't hack it and don't want to pretend I could. However, I wouldn't mind having the Survivor diet and coming home super skinny....

A Thursday favorite as well.... Love me some Addison Montgomery Shepard...

Another great sitcom that you should watch.... Barney Stinson (Doogie) is the best character on this show and will make you laugh until you cry

Grey's...need I say more?

I only order Showtime when Dexter is on.... it's that good that I'll budget in $24.99 for one TV show... I can't wait till the end of the season and buy it on I-tunes... I have to know what is happening when it's happening... but it does creep me out that Dex married his sister on the show in real life... I just can't get it out of my head... DUDE it's your SISTER

The Hills.... an endulgence I am not ready to give that LC is gone.. Kristin is going to bring the drama and I can't wait :)

I am sad to see Big Brother end next week.... I could go on and on about that show (and probably dedicate a kick a$$ blog to BB12 next year)...this however is one reality TV show I know I could win... and should totally try out next year.

Other shows on my tivo: Amazing Race (another one I think I could do exceptionally well at), Desperate Housewives, Accidentally on Purpose - new this year, The Good Wife (new as well), Law and Order SVU, America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, and the Rachel Zoe Project.

I hope you enjoy your fall tv as much as me.... :)

Happy Thursday!!!!!