Monday, September 28, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never....

I took this off my friend Kristin's blog...

What is Always, Sometimes, and Never to you?

I always...
- Use too many ellipses while typing an email, writing a blog, etc...
- Give my nieces and nephews kisses and hugs no matter how old they get
- Go shopping for a new outfit before any event
- Remember to tell people I love them (you never know when that will be taken away)
- Thank God everyday
- Want chocolate...or ice cream... or any dessert really
- Try and remember that no matter how unmotivated I am a workout is good for me
- Find a way to matter the situation
- Have coffee Monday - Friday (and sometimes on Saturday and Sunday)
- Find the time and money for a mani/pedi
- Look for the brighter side

I Sometimes....

- Let my laundry pile up ... dirty, clean... either one
- Hold back emotion because I should be strong
- Skip the gym...even though I always know a workout is good :)
- Indulge in an appetizer, dinner, and dessert...
- Snort when I laugh
- Take vitamins
- Wonder what life would be like if one decision was different
- Daydream...
- Break the rules and wear flip flops to work (like today)
- Purposefully don't answer my phone...
- Wish I didn't have to work

I Never...
- Take life for granted
- Forget to tivo an important show (i.e. anything reality, grey's,)
- Eat sour cream, mushrooms, or olives
- Will stop loving thunder storms
- Will stop loving the color pink
- Put gas in my car when the light comes on... I always have a few more miles to go
- Want to stop learning
- Want to stop having firsts
- Want my friends or family to doubt that I love and appreciate them
- Water my yard....
- Wake up when my alarm goes off.... There is a snooze button for a reason