Monday, July 13, 2009


First of all... I hate Mondays; especially Monday's after a weekend spent in the most sinful city behind Las Vegas....New Orleans, LA! (I will reference here as NOLA)

Our adventure to NOLA started on Thursday for Della's bachelorette party. She is getting married this weekend in College Station and I'm super excited for her.

We will go by days for the recap:


5:00am - alarm went off...Karen stayed with me b/c we had to get up super early to make our 7:30am flight...if you fly with me you know I have to be earlier than most b/c I fly standby on passes...the earlier you are there the better chance of you have of getting on your chosen flights. It's the price I pay to fly for free...

5:45am - Mom picks us up (with the radio BLASTING might I add) and takes us the airport where we promptly meet up Cayla... If we only could have found a Jungle Juice stand at Love Field... (More to come on Jungle Juice)

7:00am - Board our flight....

7:30am - take off

10:30am - land in NOLA...During our one hour wait for Della at the airport we ran into Sam Bradford (OU Quarterback) and Colt McCoy (TU Quarterback) apparently there were having some football camp in NOLA sponsored by Peyton Manning and they were all there. We wished Della was there so she could have taken a picture with them... we thought it would be cute for her to a "gig 'em" pose in b/w the two rival schools!

11:30am - Della arrives...we promptly load a 15 passenger van driven by a man with the THICKEST Cajun accent EVER...he seemed safer than some of the other cab drivers...and head to our hotel.

12:00pm - we get to the hotel...get early check in... SCORE! and head out to get lunch at the Cajun Van Driver's (CVD) recommendation. Central Grocery - for the Original Muffaleta. **Not to mention on the way we stopped to get a frozen beverage at one of the many bars along the way.** I had drink envy - I bought a frozen red bull and vodka (YUM-O) but Cayla got Jungle Juice and I was was soooo yummy

We made it back to the hotel ate lunch, Newbie and Audry joined us...and the girls changed and headed down to the pool. I had to work on Thursday - I had been answering emails and on calls all morning (minus flight time obviously). My email had been going off since about 5:30am and didn't stop until 5pm... what a day. But everything was handled and in place. I had 2 conference calls to be on that afternoon - so as the girls finished off a bottle and a half of champagne I was in the room working (BUMMER!!!). I got off my calls a 4ish and headed down to the pool with them ... where we went through a few more bottles of bubbly and then headed back to get ready for dinner.

Thursday afternoon pics:

5am wake up call ... calls for no makeup and pouty/kissy face...

Karen at the airport...showing off her fleur de lis....

Getting our yummy drinks on Bourbon Street

Workin' by the pool...actually I think I was talking to Mom here...

Gettin' our tan on....

We headed out that evening for dinner at Acme Oyster House (Another recommendation by CVD). It was YUM-O... there was about a 20min. wait so we had fun taking pictures outside waiting to be called in!

Dinner Pics:

The group outside Acme Oyster House

Aud and Del

Me and Cay


The group (minus Cayla she was taking the pic I think)

After a YUMMY Dinner we hit Pat O'Brien's and Tropical Isle... two necessities if you are in NOLA...Hurricanes and Hand Grenades...

Cayla and me with our hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's .... we even were able to keep the fun glasses!

Group shot (minus Cayla...she was taking the pic again) with our hand grenades :) YUMMY

Friday - we hung out by the pool ALL DAY seriously from 11am - 3pm...had poolside cocktail and lunch service...with fun music. Took a little nappy from 3pm - 4pm got up and did it all over again ... but this time with super fun bachelorette festivities...a checklist, a veil, and a sash can get you free drinks ALL night :)

Dinner was at NOLA (Emeril's Restaurant). It was fantastic; however my pork loin was a little dry... I won't fault them too much because they made up for it with the sweet potatoes and basil pesto garlic infused soup. Not to mention; amazing focaccia rolls and jalapeno cornbread.

Pics from Friday night:

Group shot on Bourbon Street

Our bachelorette!

Me and Del

One of her checklist items was to dance on a bar....

Newbie and Del

Singin' karaoke at Cat's Meow.... David Allen Coe-Why Don't You Ever Call Me By My Name
This was during the "Let Me, Let Me, Let Me" part

We had a blast... We owned Bourbon Street that night... we even played our traditional "High Five" game...

Saturday was rough and so was Sunday - but I'm hanging in there and trying to catch up on sleep... The wedding is this weekend and we'll do it all over again!



Kier's Serendipity said...

Crazy times...but it looks like you had a blast!