Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

I know you all look forward to "Pic of the Week" Thursday :)

Today I have 2 (I guess I'll make up for last week since I was beside myself in NOLA and not blogging)

#1: Group pic from Della's Bach Party before dinner! I didn't have this one when i posted about the whole party HERE...but I love this picture... I would love it even more if Kristin could have been with us...

#2: The drivers side door of my car:
It doesn't look so bad in the picture except for the fact that it's the DRIVERS SIDE DOOR!! I was sitting right where she impacted me! I got a call from the body shop today and it's about $4500 - $5000 worth of damage. They won't know about my axle until they pull it apart; but Kelley Blue Book says in "excellent" condition it would only have a minimal trade in value. I hope they total it out...

More to come after the wedding this weekend.... watch out College Station - we're comin' back!