Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pic(s) of the week

My pics of the week are themed in nature... :)

As you know if you've been reading for awhile, I am a big supporter of the LiveStrong and Lance Armstrong Foundation.

A few months ago the girls and I started discussing participating in the LiveStrong Challenge in October. The LIVESTRONG Challenge is the Lance Armstrong Foundation's signature fundraising event inspired by hope, courage and the perseverance of Lance and the nearly 12 million Americans affected by cancer. We take to the streets on bicycles and on our feet, uniting individuals to stand together to fight cancer. The LAF and LIVESTRONG believes that unity is strength, knowledge is power, and attitude is everything; which I completely agree.

Jessica was united in strength by her friends, family, loved ones and even strangers; she educated herself about her disease and empowered herself to fight as did her family; her attitude was COMPLETELY unwavering and admirable. I learned more from Jessica and her family than I ever thought was possible; however I do not want others to have to feel the pain that this disease brings not only to the patient but the family and friends as well.

It is important to me to do what I can to "pick a fight with cancer" and help find a cure. I truly believe in this cause and this fight; and I hope you will unite with me to do what you can.

I hate asking people for money - I've only done it one other time; when Jessica was raising money for the angel adventure walk last October; which is another amazing cause. The National Brain Tumor Foundation is another great non-profit group that fights for brain tumor patients and raises money to find a cure.

I hope you can help - any amount is appreciated... $1 will go along away in my book.

Thank you for your support, prayers, love, hugs, flowers, etc over the last 2.5 years. As you all supported me and Jessica in her fight for the last few years; now it's time to unite and fight with those that are still undergoing treatment and fighting their own battle so that we can TRI for a cure!

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Buffalo Wild Wings made my pic of the week because Newbie has been so gracious and found a sponsor for our team jerseys! One of her friends in Beaumont owns a few BW2 I believe, and he has agreed to sponsor us!!!! That is so awesome and we are so excited!!! THANK YOU RAJ AND NEWBIE!

Hooters, North Richland Hills is also a pic of the week, because my friend Chris is the GM there and he has awesomely agreed to host a car wash and bake sale and all the proceeds go to our fundraising efforts!!! We are hoping that car wash will be in August and the bake sale in September! I am so excited that Chris has graciously offered this to us and is helping us out to raise money for this event. THANK YOU CHRIS!!!!

Thank all of you again for your support, love and prayers!

Have an awesome weekend!!!