Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Come pick me up I just got in a F'in wreck...."

The first words out of my mouth when I called Karen yesterday when I was 1mile away from her house and stuck in the middle of the service road of the George Bush Turnpike.

I had left work and was headed to Karen's to go pick up our wedding dresses for Della's wedding. Cayla was over on our side of town for a dentist appointment so she was going to meet us and then we were going to hang out. (Like I haven't seen these girls enough... j/k :)) I love summers when my friends don't have to work!

Soo... I'm on Old Denton turning right onto the service road, minding my own business; when seriously out of no where this lady drives into the side of my car.

Apparently she had made a U-turn and cut across three lanes of traffic to turn into the shopping center where Hobby Lobby is and didn't pay one bit of attention to me and my measly little car. Her Honda Odyssey van drove right on into me... and could have possibly totaled my car.. AWESOME!!!

I just paid this car off in February, put two new tires on it on Wednesday of last week, and to top it off, had a full tank of gas.... UGHHH.

So - I'm working from home today because I'm car less until I can pick up my rental tomorrow.

Awesome blossom....

Hope your Tuesday was better...


Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Ugh. That really really really sucks. I'm glad you're okay! Good luck!