Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Motivation anyone???

I'm not sure what has happened to me... I was seriously motivated from November until April 19... now I can't find an ounce of me that wants to work out and considering I just signed up for my second tri ( a true sprint this time) I better dig down deep and find my motivation soon.

I didn't work out once last week because my pink eye returned...ICK and my throat was killing me. It hurt to swallow anything but hot tea and advil. I worked from home three days last week because I didn't want to infect my office with the lingering matted eyes and huge tonsils. I figured I should hole myself up in my house and try to not infect people with what I am now convinced is "pig flu". I went to the dr. on Thursday after 4 days of painful swallowing and basically a hot tea diet for him to tell me I have had a "lingering virus". It rested the few days leading up to the tri when I was finally feeling better and then reared it's ugly head again after my body recouped. AWESOME!

So last week I rested.... not a single lap in the pool, loop on the bike or short run and secretly I loved it! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!!!! I was uber-obsessed for 5 months and now I want to cry.

I am a "Monday start person" if I have a goal I have to start on a Monday... no matter what. It's like life starts over on I time everything to a Monday start.

When I first started training for the King Tut I upped my distance on the bike and run every Monday - on the swim every other Monday... when I started trying to loose weight I started on a Monday with all the girls. When I tried to log everything I do in I started on a Monday (that has been a failure by the way - sorry Erinn). So Sunday I was like - tomorrow is Monday - tomorrow starts training again.

Cayla and I decided we are going to compete in another tri at the end of May. May 30 to be exact. This one is a sprint - same swim distance (300m), double the bike from last time (12miles or 20K) and almost double the run (3.7 miles or 6K).

So yesterday I leave work (with a packed gym bag) and decide I was going to go for a nice ride on my bike. I don't know if it is me, my bike, my non working legs or what but it killed me! Usually a tiny six mile bike ride (in comparison to what my other tri friends are doing) should be nothing... and considering I just did this a week ago (after swimming and 90% uphill) it should be cake. But I thought I was going to die. Literally - it felt like my heart was beating out of my chest and I could collapse at any moment. It was horrific and scary - because now I feel like I am weaker than I was when I started training in the first place and couple that with ZERO motivation and you have yourself a real winner.... UGH!!!

I hope it's just the lingering effects of being sick and I can work myself out back into motivation - I guess we'll see.

On another note - I am an official USAT member now - crazy.... and exciting. Here's a line up of possible events Cayla and I are talking about doing. OOOOO- and I think we talked Newbie into doing one with us in October! YAY for Newbie!!!

May 30 - Paddle, Pedal and Pound the Pavement Grapevine, Texas (Sprint Distance)
October 4 - Benbrook Women's Tri Benbrook, Texas (Sprint Distance)
October 25 - Livestrong Challenge (5K and possible 10 mile bike ride)

I would like to look at participating in a sprint in July and August as well - but who knows I guess we will see; I don't want to wear myself out!!!

I'll keep you posted on the motivation factor - hopefully it returns soon or I am going to gain back every ounce of every pound I lost....

Maybe Biggest Loser tonight will put me back in the saddle.....


Love and Puppies, Christy said...

It happens to everyone - after a big race, you just bottom out. It's hard to remotivated again. And after you take a week off, it's always hit or miss on whether you will feel amazing or like crap. I promise you are not alone...every year I go through this about 5 times. You'll get it haven't lost any strength, you just had a crappy day...shake it off and get back out the there!! We are doing a half in Grand Prairie in Sept...there is a sprint there the same day - Giddy up!!