Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pic of the week = picS of the week and a little overdue blog....

I was going to blog about this waaaaay back when HERE however - my little "bump in the road" of unemployment got in the way - so this waaaay overdue!

Let me take you back to October 25, 2008 -

Saturday, October 25, 2008 My dear dear friends Kristin and Nick got hitched. I was SUPPOSED to blog about this like six months ago - but I didn't and I feel HORRIBLE that I never gave the appropriate shout outs to them on my blog that I know nine million people read every day. J/K

Kristin and Nick are very near and dear to my heart. They are wonderful friends (more like family) who have seen me and supported me through many trying times in my life. I am very lucky to have friends like them.

In fact I am very lucky to have all of my friends in my life. Sometimes I think we take for granted the 2am sobbing phone call , the 6pm I had a hideous day at work phone call, the OMG I'm getting married phone call, or the OMG I'm having a baby phone call, or the OMG we broke up phone call, or the every day "how was your day" phone call. I am so blessed to have many people in my life that I call friends. And I love each and every one of you! enough w/ the sappy stuff... let's get on to the goooood stuff...

Soooo Kristin and Nick hosted their wedding at a HUMGO home in the River Oaks District of Houston. Cayla and I flew down early to spend time with Kristin before the big day and help her finish all of her last min. to do items.

Now if you are reading this and you know Kristin, you know she THRIVES on lists. She has lists for her lists and is so supremely organized that on ANY trip she takes she puts all of her reservation confirmations, directions, etc in plastic sheet protectors inside her folders. She was appropriately deemed "trip mom" years ago when her organizational skills were first revealed.

So I knew that NO DETAIL was going to be left out. Cayla and I PRYED (literally) her wedding binder out of her hands when we arrived and told her not to look back and enjoy her weekend!

What an honor to be a part of such an amazing day for such wonderful people. Kristin and Nick couldn't have planned a more perfect celebration for their marriage. The food was fantastic, the drinks were flowing, and the weather was perfection!

I hope you enjoy the pictures below and get a glimpse of what an amazing night this was and how fun it was to celebrate their relationship.


Kristin Getting Ready...

Group toast with all the girls, Robin and Mama Lu Lu
(we missed Karen and Audry at the wedding)

We couldn't get her to stop looking out the window.... but it made for a cute pic!

A photo montage... props to Clint the photog!

One of my favorites!!!!

We transformed the back yard from ceremony to reception... BEAUTIFUL!!!

Yummy Cake - Nick's cakes were Ice Cream Cake - fantastic!

No wedding is complete without the Time Warp!

Love you!

Here Clint said "Sexy face" - I think Tyra would be disappointed....

Adios Mr. and Mrs. Urbano - We love you and we will pelt you with wedding rice to prove it!


nicgk said...

6 Month Mark, and we seem to be doing ok ...

Funny though, I thought that we all stopped celebrating monthly anniversaries in middle school?