Thursday, January 22, 2009

stupid html

Hello my lovely blog readers... I was keeping track of how many hits my little blog was getting but something happened with that html code and now I refuse to start over again at 0!

Training for the tri has been lax this week... I've been traveling for work so it's been hard but I'll get back in the swing of it next week.

Today I want to dedicate my post to one of my sisters, Anna... For Christmas I gave her cake decorating classes. She had taken an interest in cake decorating awhile ago and is really good at it. So I figured I've give her some professional lessons to enhance her already natural ability. She just finished her third week in class.

This is what I have discovered:

1. She makes a better butter cream icing than any professional cake I've ever eaten... and I've had a lot... I do pride myself as a cake connoisseur..

2. She faced her fear of clowns... this week in class she had to make a clown cake... sorry sister I wasn't aware of that when I signed you up

3. You should totally hire her out to make your kids birthday cakes...

So that's it... she's really good and it tastes REALLY GOOD!

Keep checking back for further updates :)