Wednesday, January 7, 2009

860 Calories Down.... 101 Days to go!!!

This week marked the re-start of my tri-training. I was L-A-Z-Y during the two week holidays between Christmas and NYE... but I made myself get back into the swing of things this week.

I was not starting off the week very good on Monday because the weather was bad and I didn't want to get out in it and my friend Tommy came over because his power was out at his house (ice from tree branches fell on to the power lines and completely knocked out his power). So there was no gym time for me on Monday...

Tuesday I decided I MUST go - so I took Deuce out for a run... it was hard getting back into the "groove"... but Deuce always makes it a much more enjoyable trip. He was really scared though because this crazy woman walking down Kelly kept hissing at him and putting up cat claws. I seriously thought Deuce was going to jump up into my arms and I was going to have to carry him home...but instead we turned it up a notch and sprinted.... good for Deuce to not see the crazy lady... good for my heart rate and endurance!

Today (Wednesday) I went to the gym to cycle and run ... I still haven't gotten my road bike but hope to have it soon. Ciearra went with me and we had an AMAZING work out! We cycled on the spin bikes for 25 minutes ( I made C go an extra 5 minutes with me... I thought she was going to kick me in the face)... then ran for 20 and did an abs class for 15... so after an hour of working out I burned nearly 900 calories!!! It feels so good.... my "operation get fit" girls are going to be jealous!

I can really feel myself changing... my endurance has certainly picked up... I feel stronger and clothes are starting to fit better. My weight has stayed steady over the last month.. no gain but no loss either... I hope since I'm turning up my workouts now I will start to see results on the scale.

I heard at the gym today abs are 80% diet and 20% exercise... something to think about ....