Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy Busy...

Hi ya! Well it's been crazy around here the last week or so... I was traveling for work last week and then went out of town on the weekend... I was literally home for one day last week until Monday! It was fun and the weekend went by WAY to fast!

Last week I got a new fence! YEA!! If you have been to my house you know the awful shape my fence was in.. falling over on all three sides, two inaccessible gates and slats down throughout... well I buckled down and gave in and got a new one and I love it! I can't wait for spring to be here so I can start making over my back yard! Sod, new flower beds, flagstone... I can see it now!

It is FREEZING here tonight! It's dropped into the low 20's and sleeting like crazy... the rooftops in my neighborhood are already all white and my front and back yard are blanketed in ice and sleet as well. At about 2pm this afternoon I received an email that work was delaying opening until 10 if that gives you a clue to the madness of this winter weather Texas is experiencing. You know us Texas, it gets below 70 and we freak out and break out with parkas, not to mention we don't drive anywhere either!

Deuce (my dog) HATES any kind of precipitation... he literally will hold going to the bathroom for days if it is raining... he also hates the cold so this is a lose/lose situation for him. He hasn't stepped outside since this afternoon before the sleet hit...hopefully I can get him outside for like 5 seconds to pee before we hit the sack! I hate to tell him that Thursday is bath day ... he hates that too. He probably will hate me now... it's cold raining/sleeting and he has to have a bath... and get his teeth brushed..poor Deucey!

Well we are going to hit the hay... I hope you all have a great week!