Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me Monday - P365 D4

MckMama has a Monday dealy where she does "Not Me Monday" - a time to confess what you DID NOT (sense sarcasm) over the last it goes:

I did not sit around in my pajamas all day on Saturday not once showering (until 10:30pm) and NEVER put on a bra.

I did not leave the house wearing said pj's, sans bra, and houseshoes to try and catch Time Warner Cable office before it closed. Nope....I'm way more classy than that.  Where were my rollers?

I did not almost cry when I made it to the TWC office and they told me "sorry we are closed"..I'm not THAT emotional.

I did not make my darling roommate walk around Lowes looking for curtains and curtain rods... not me I know he's way more manly than that.

I did NOT just go into the bathroom at work and sit there for five minutes b/c it's the warmest place in the building and my office is freezing...WHO WOULD DO THAT? Gross!

I do not hope that this day is over...b/c it is glorious ...sense sarcasm here...

P365 Day 4 - I wish I was here today: Kona, Hawaii....


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mamalouise said...

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