Monday, August 3, 2009


Well hello my faithful readers...

I have MIA - except for the small post on Friday on my "Blogiversary"...

I was in Chi-town all last week for work... I wish I could say that I went to Sears Tower, a Cubbies game, ate all the pizza I could stand and threw in a brat here or there... but I literally walked from the hotel to our office... that's it (except for the short excursion to Harry Carey's for dinner one night with my colleagues).

It was a great week in Chicago though. A great sales skills training workshop where I was finally able to put faces with names, shake a few hands, and finally meet some our upper management. All in all it was a great week, a great learning experience, and hopefully a nice stepping stone to my future with my company. I always feel re-energized coming home from trips like this... puts my job/career into perspective.

So I don't really have a "pic of the week" for last week.... I could try and drum something up but since nothing is jumping out at me (and i'm four days late) I think I will keep you in suspense until this Thursday.

Please note - this time tomorrow I will be flying high above the skies on my way to Hawaii! Are you jealous yet??? So the pic of the week this week will sure to be something FABULOUS from the big island :)

I'm hoping to get some good workout time in while I am gone. I can't complain about running on the beach, biking on the coast or swimming in the ocean! That reminds me - I need to pack my goggles :)

I hope you had a fabulous Monday ....



nicgk said...

This is nowhere near as awesome as when you come to H-town next week.

Top Five Reasons H-Town is Better than Hawaii:

5 - Shorter Plane Ride
4 - You can drive to H-town
3 - Just as hot, but our humidity keeps our skin younger
2 - The Japanese haven't bombed us ... yet
1 - Texas