Monday, June 29, 2009

No crashes...Yet...knock on wood

Cayla and I went for our weekly workout together on Saturday and I survived... no crashes in clipping in and clipping out.

We are down to the week before my 2nd tri and I am more nervous about this one than I was the first. I felt fully prepared for my first tri but this one...not so much.

Swim: 500m
I haven't been in a pool in like forever... Cayla and I have been swimming in Grapevine lake which has been good to "control the freakout" but bad because I haven't really been focusing on distance - just not freaking out in the water. I think I should be ok - but 500m is almost double what the first tri was so naturally I'm a little freaked out. I hope to freestyle the entire 500m but I'm not above resolving to breaststroke if needed.... even backstroke for that matter... it's what got me through last time and hopefully will get me through this time.

Bike: 12miles
Well what to say here except I'm super scared that I'm going to crash either coming out of or into transition. With my clip in pedals/shoes it makes the whole bike ride a bit more scary for me. This past weekend while riding with Cayla I realized that while I'm clipped in it totally uses different muscles that I'm not used to so I'm afraid I may tucker my poor little legs out if I am not careful and have nothing left for the run.

Run: 5k (3.1 miles)
The run ... well I can do 3.1 miles on any day alone...and even after I biked in the 103degree heat a few weeks ago - but I'm super nervous about it too. The high is 105 this weekend so I could literally blow myself up if I'm not careful! :) j/k.... The good news is I won't drown or crash on this part... I just would begin walking if I needed to.

I don't know - I feel like I'm stupid and haven't prepared well for this... I want to cry actually... I wish I had a few more weeks... this heat makes it awful to train after work and I certainly don't get up at 4:30am to work out - I love training but I heart sleep more (I'll be honest)

Hopefully I can concentrate this week and get focused in time for Sunday...

The Tri is in Las Colinas if you want to come out and watch me drown, crash and walk ... should be a good time :)


MegNog said...

I'm sure you and Cayla will do awesome!!!