Thursday, June 25, 2009

Graduation Day.... = Crash Day = pic of the week

I did it... I bought clip in pedals and cycling shoes today! YAY - I feel like a real cyclist! I'm super excited but now I have the new bike bug MORE THAN EVER... I totally want to go back and buy a new bike.. and I just might!

Here are my new shoes:

They are Specialized brand -they are a three strap Velcro cycling shoe. They can change between SPD and road pedals and I'm SUPERLY DUPERLY EXCITED about them.. not only are the pretty...they are comfy and will hopefully help improve my ride!

My pedals are just normal Shimano SPD pedals... basic clip pedals but I can change them out to have a road pedal if I need/want to.

I am totally prepared to crash on my face multiple times before perfecting the art of the clip in/clip out maneuver.

We'll see... I seriously want a new bike now.... and I may just do it!

Keep checking back :)