Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back in the saddle again...

Well it appears that possibly 50% of my motivation has returned. If you remember... I blogged HERE about losing every ounce of motivation, want and joy of working out. Well two Sunday's ago it came back and all it took was a good 2.5 hour workout with Cayla. Last week I worked out three times - still not back into my six days a week routine... but better than zero.

This week I worked out Monday - I did cut it short because of this pesky bladder infection that crept up on me. I got off the bike twice to pee... ouch... uti + stationary bike = sucky workout...

Last night was girls night (our monthly BYOB dinner at a local restaurant) and I didn't make it to the gym since I went to the dr. for the bladder...but no worries... we are back in the saddle again today.. hungover and all.

I will work out today after work if it kills me - and it might. I'm sick at my stomach, have a headache, and uber tired..

I'm way too old to be gallivanting around town drinking on a work night. I should be given a curfew... Mom... wanna re-instate one???