Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you mommies who read my little blog!!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to post before Mother's Day to wish you happiness BUT better late than never right???

My mother's day was spent taking care of my mommy who had surgery on Friday on her foot. She had a bone spur the size of Australia on her left big toe and had it removed Friday so she could walk like a normal person again.

Even though surgery only lasted 35 minutes and she came out with only 5 stitches... it looked painful and let's face it... being immobile sucks.

So Friday morning I had Mom at the surgery center at 6am. They promptly took her back and prepped her for surgery and we (Kaylee and I) kissed her adios and headed out to get some breakfast. We knew we only had like 45 min. so we went and grabbed some donuts... YUMMMM definitely a favorite breakfast food of mine and not one I treat myself to very often... thank you to my "healthy choices" decision and "hey I'm fat let's loose weight" mentality.

We sat in the waiting area about 10 min. before they called us back because she was finished. Another 30-45min. later we were outta there! We were home (at my house) with prescriptions and everything by 10am.

I had taken the day off work so I enjoyed laying in my bed and napping on and off, getting some much needed laundry done (I always let my laundry pile up... it's because I shop too much and never need clean clothes), and playing on facebook... I know I'm retarded... but I can't get on FB at work.

Saturday consisted of Mom sleeping on and off and me trying to clean my house as quitely as possible as to allow her to sleep. I didn't get much done but enough that made me feel like I wasn't living in a pig stye anymore. I took Mom home late afternoon/early evening to recoup in her own bed.

Saturday night Tony and I went to see X-Men Origin:Wolverine. UM It's an AWESOME movie and I've only seen X-Men 2 a long time ago in the theater and don't really remember it. So no XMen background is needed. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are UNBELIEVABLY ripped in this movie - ladies you will enjoy - Hugh + Ryan + No Shirt = good movie!

Sunday was Mother's Day and I went to my mom's and cooked brunch for her, Anna, Randy, Pappy, Marion and the kids...

We had Quiche Lorraine, Cinnamon Bun Filled Pancakes, and Fresh Fruit. It was delish!

I hope all you mommies had a great day! Now it's back to the grind...

Here's a pic of me and the best mommy in the world!