Monday, February 2, 2009

College Station

This weekend was SOOO much fun! As I mentioned last week, I headed to College Station for the weekend to see Della and Dave. They have lived there almost a year and I have yet to make it down to visit (WORST FRIEND EVER)... It ended up a bunch of our old college friends were down there as well and we had such a great time!

Friday we went and saw Reckless Kelly... a great show.. but not the same w/o our favorite band member Jimmy who has moved on from the band and now they have a new bassist. That's ok... we'll still love them!

Saturday we got up and went to the basketball game (after my favorite lunch in College Station... Laynes). We watched the Aggies BTHO OSU (haha Sarah) and headed to northgate after that! Now mind you, I am getting old, and I can't "party" like I used to. We were at the bar from 4pm until 2am... Allison was (and stilll is) TIRED!!!!

It was all and all a great weekend... good friends, good food and a lot of good fun!

Needless to say - my training was obsolete this weekend... that's ok though I'll start again today... I got my bike this weekend so if you see me crashed on the side of the road... keep driving I don't want to be embarrassed... I'll be ok... but if you drive back by and I'm still not up... call 911 please!

Me and Ciearra at the game

Old Friends and New Friends...

Ciearra, Della and Me at the Game

Me and Del