Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Good/Great Things Turn Bad...

Ok so yesterday I noticed a phenomenon...

I was at the gym... enjoying a nice workout, running, some weights, some abs... you know the usual quick workout. When I was done working out I needed gas BAD... like so bad my car almost didn't start... so I went across the street to fill up so I could make it to meet my sister. Anyways...

I thought to myself... WHY ON EARTH DO THEY PUT A CHICK-FIL-A NEXT TO THE GYM AND THEN ADVERTISE THEIR SUPER YUMMY MILKSHAKES!!! This started a series of events that transpired over the course of the evening... I kept noticing good things that inevitably turned bad...

Example 1.

The Gym (good thing) -

The gym next to chick fil a with life size posters of milkshakes (bad thing)

Example 2.
A brand new paper plates and all Cadillac SLR (good thing) -

A GUY driving the PEARL PINK brand new paper plates and all Cadillac SLR with a Mary Kay decal (bad/totally weird thing)

Example 3.
Toll Tags - only the best invention ever if you lived confined by three tollways (Dallas North Tollway, PGBT, and 121)

People who pull up to the tollbooth wait for someone to come to the window (which no one was there) realize then that no one is there and proceed to dig for change for 10 min. By which at this point me reversing is not a viable option because of the line of cars that have piled up behind me. (bad and frustrating thing)

Example 4.
Cosmetic Surgery - whether corrective or enhancement admit it it's a good thing

People who have so much cosmetic surgery they can barely open their eyes, shut their lips, or blow their nose... (bad AND disgusting)

Example 5
Making out - a favorite past time of most people

Making out in a restaurant parking lot ... but not just making out... more like mugging down... ok seriously almost having sex outside of the car on the parking lot.. GROSS GROSS GROSS

Anyway... I just thought I'd share :)

Happy Hump Day!


The Moellenkamp's said...

Hey girl! You are so funny! All of those are so true...chick fil a milkshakes are sooo good!! =) I'm sure this is a no brainer, but, do you think Jessica would mind if I added her website to my blog and asked for prayers? I think of her all the time and pray for her!!