Tuesday, December 23, 2008

4th photo challenge

I was tagged by my friend Kristin of to participate in what I have deemed the "4th Photo Challenge".


1. Go to the place where you store all of your pictures on your computer and open up the 4th folder.
2. Open the 4th picture
3. Post the picture and give an explanation
4. Tag 4 people

The photo above was taken on my 27th birthday at Sherlocks in Addison, Texas. I am enjoying a nice refreshing Vodka/Tonic w/ 2 Limes... I'm not sure there's much more explanation than that!

I tag:

1. Erin -

2. Kristi -

3. Desiree -

4. Johanna -

Happy Holidays!


Kier's Serendipity said...

Very cute picture of you!!! So much more of an interesting story than what I had to offer!!