Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sadness and Comfort

I am so thankful for so many things, my friends, my family, my health.

I learned late last week that my sister's best friend growing up was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 31 and has two young children (4 & 2). She is a strong woman of God and her faith runs deeper than most. I find comfort in knowing that she will heal completely and live a life that will be fulfilling and long.

Her family was my family growing up - she has a brother one year older than me and her and my sister were the same age. As kids our parents would go out together on the weekends and we would stay home and mostly get into trouble. Me and her brother would bug the heck out of our older siblings as little brothers and sisters normally do. From my memory, I think we even created a band once called the "Four A's" (our first names all started with A). We overflowed the toilet at my mom's house more than once - causing numerous problems, not only with our parents but with the septic tank as well... not to mention the carpet, towels and all items used to clean up our messes....but it was all in good fun and created memories. Memories that I haven't thought about in years....

I think about my sister right now - I know what she's feeling - as I too have gone through this with my best friend. A different type of cancer on a different body part, but cancer none the less. It is hard when you see your friend go through something that you know nothing about. You can relate on most subjects when it comes to hard times, parental issues, significant other issues, etc but when it it something that you haven't faced; something as serious as a cancer diagnosis your whole world turns upside down and you no longer have a realm of understanding of what they are going through. All you can do is be there. Be there to cry with them, be there to love them, be there to pray for them.

I had never experienced prayer like I did when Jessica was diagnosed. I always had signs in my life that God was with me and I always had my faith in knowing that He was our Savior - but never had I experienced the power of prayer until her medical condition was revealed. It was amazing. A feeling indescribable with words. I hold true to the fact that this will be the same for April.

So I ask you today, if you came across this blog - please pray for April and her family as they forge through this journey.

God is good -


johnnamarie96 said...

So glad you have a blog now! Yea! I'll be checking in as I am addicted to this stuff when I have the time! I will add your friend to my prayer list. God is so good!