Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I started to update yesterday but got caught up grocery shopping, doing laundry, and watching big brother - I'm addicted - not of course to laundry, but I think to grocery shopping and tv.

I love grocery shopping... I love making a list, cutting coupons and at the end seeing how much "I saved" when in reality I just bought a bunch of crap I'm not going to use but bought it anyway because I had a coupon.

Things you should always remember when grocery shopping:
- Stick to the initial list you make
- DON'T GO HUNGRY -my mom tried to teach me this as a kid - but it still hasn't sunk in. Seriously though who thinks when their tummy's are full "I need to go grocery shopping" not so much, it's when your practically starving and trying to put together a meal it pops in your head to go to the you go with an empty stomach and come home with half the store and half the wallet size.
- Somethings you can't buy off brand, i.e. toilet paper only the best for back there.
- Don't go late at night - NOTHING is stocked!

Last weekend wasn't too excitingI enjoyed a concert Friday night and having dinner with my friend Erinn whom I hadn't seen in awhile on Saturday.

Friday night I went to Reckless Kelly with Karen, Ciearra and Cayla. We had fun being silly and relishing in our college days. They are such a fun band - it's always guaranteed a good time when RK comes to town.

Saturday Karen and I went to dinner with Erinn at Tom Tom sushi in the West Village. It was YUMMY! It was nice to catch up with Erinn and see her and her boyfriend Chris. They are so sweet and it's nice to see they are doing well.

This weekend I am so excited because Sarah is coming into town. Sarah, Jess, and I were bff in high school and were inseparable! She lives in KC and I haven't seen her since Jess' wedding. She comes in tonight around 8pm so I can't wait!!

Happy Hump Day!


ErinB said...

OK, it's updated!! ;) Miss you!

BenaFam said...

View my blog, you've been tagged!! :) hahahahahaha