Thursday, April 1, 2010

I swear I'm not dead...

So it appears that I am THE worst blogger ever. My whole 365 pictures in 365 days was a flop.

Not too much going on around here.... I'm thinking about putting my house on the market this summer. I've been there 5 years (crazy how time flies) and ready for something new, different and BIGGER! How a single girl living by herself can outgrow a house doesn't make much sense...but it's happened.

GW2010 was a few weeks ago and it was so fun! I love my girls! Here are some pics just for fun!

Happy Easter y'all :) What a wonderful time of year!

Kristin and Me!

Newbs, Cayla, Me and Ciearra

Amber came to visit on St. Patty's day!

St. Patty's day!


Kristi Kelly said...

Looks like you all had tons of fun!! I can't believe you might sell your should house shop in Frisco or McKinney...I'm just sayin'!!!

Blog Stalker said...

glad you are not dead. lol

me neither!

great pictures, looks like fun. You know if you post 4 or 5 pictures a day you might just make your 365/365 goal....

just a thought

Have a great "undead" day