Monday, July 20, 2009

Della-palooza '09

This weekend was Della and Dave's wedding weekend and it was seriously amazing!

From the rehearsal dinner to the bubbly good bye - each and every aspect of the wedding was perfect!

Della and Dave are now celebrating their new married life in Cancun on their honeymoon and I can't wait for them to return and hear how it went!

We had such a blast this weekend in College Station! It was great to see everyone that attended and I saw so many old faces I hadn't seen in forever! We definitely relived our college days Saturday night after we said goodbye to D&D. We hit up northgate for some good 'ole college station drinking and eating - you must have Tijuana fries from the chicken :)

I will admit - I steal all of my pictures. I don't have a camera and haven't had one for some time now. I broke mine at Kristin's bachelorette party in October...oops ... miller light had nothing to do with that....

I was supposed to buy a new one when I reached one of my weight goals... but other things seemed more important or necessary each time I hit a goal and so I put off getting one. So I don't have any pictures to post until my friends post on FB and then I can steal them, save them and post them.... I know I'm a thief. You've now learned my dirty little secret...

So when they get around to posting I'll post here...

Della looked absolutely gorgeous :) My favorite part of the whole weekend was after the Priest pronounced them Husband and Wife; Della turned to us (her bridesmaids) and in the cutest little voice said "I'm Married!" and had the biggest most happiest smile on her face I have EVER seen.

I was so honored to stand as her Maid of Honor and will forever treasure being a part of the happiest day of her life.

Della and Dave - I love you guys and if you need anything...I'm only a phone call away! LOVE Y'ALL!